Donating to us

We are all volunteers, and give our time freely, but we have to pay for the hire of the ponies and the venue. In £2017, the cost of hiring the ponies and the indoor arena was £2826. 

This works out at £6 per rider for each lesson. 

Any donations towards this by our riders are very gratefully received, thank you.

The European Union recently updated the safety standard on riding hats and all Riding for the Disabled Groups had to  replace their hats, bearing the outdated safety numbers, by the end of 2016. This was a considerable expense for our Group. All the children must wear riding hats, no matter what their disability. Some of our children are not able to wear the more commonly used hats, but require a more specialised brand to achieve a secure fit.

We undertook a programme of fundraising, and we are delighted to be able to thank the following for their most generous donations:

Lord Russell Baker of Little Moulton, Amber Dew Events Ltd
Ed Howard of E.H Haylage
The Bracon Ash & Hethel Social Club

Saffron Community Foundation

Granville Saddlery at Wymondham